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Sorry you're stuck!!!!!

That does suck

Hi Gaelan,
It's a shame that you're stuck, but we hope you get to Paris soon! We heard that the ash is clearing up, so hopefully you won't be stuck for long. At least you're not stuck in school!
Where are you staying in KL? In a hotel? Is it a nice hotel??
NO!!!! it's braking up and the toilet did'nt flush
Please bring back a big fancy watch for each of us except for Tom, he already has one. (Only joking).
Anna wonders what the highlight of your trip has been so far? (We know you haven't been away for long).
riding a gian't flying fox on the kl tower!!!!
What do you do all day while you are waiting for the planes to fly to Europe again?
trying to stop mum and dad shopping!!
Caragh hopes you don't have to go to school while you are on holidays. And Cori wonders if you've made any friends in Malaysia?
errrr... no.
Yours sincerely,
Tristan's class.

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Where is Gaelan?

Hi Gaelan,
We have been reading about the volcano in Iceland today and how all those flights in Europe have been cancelled. We were wondering if you made it to Paris or if you got stuck along the way? Maybe in Singapore? Or maybe you made it just before the planes stopped...?
From Tristan's class

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this sucks

Hi Tristan

As you might have heard there is some ash stopping all the flights to europe so i'm stuck in malaysia and we are trying to get on the first flight to paris when the airport opens.

Everything people sell on the street is illegal and it is amazing, baby milo, adidas, watches and lots more. These are all the things that are illegal copys in kl (kuala lumpur and that's where we are staying).

got to go and find out about flights,


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Hi Gaelan

2 sleeps to go!!

Hello Gaelan,
I can't believe that you are going to be on a an aeroplane in a few days flying across the world!!! And we will be stuck here in Area 2. If I can transform a school bus into a plane we will meet you somewhere in France. If not though we will just see you when you get back. We'll miss you lots!!! Make sure you write and send us lots of pictures!
From Tristan's class

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