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That's great you made it to Paris! Thanks for sending pictures. Who would you prefer to have dinner with, Napoleon Bonaparte or Napoleon Dynamite? Who would win in a fight? Have you tried in frog legs or snails and if so, were they nice?? Tom says something indistinguishable. Tristan has gone haywire and thinks we are still at camp. Harriet says that Fremantle beat Richmond.
We have been at camp this week and it has been fantastic, although it was quite wet. We missed you at camp. Lucky you can still go to Glen Forbes next year, unlike the Year 6s. We went on the drop slide at amaze n' things, which was pretty scary.
Talk to you soon, keep writing and sending photos.
Tristan's class

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leaving france

hello class

today I leave France but just yesterday I went on a bike tour around Paris and the tours are called fat tire bike tours and a guy called Brian took our tour.


Brian told us about the Place de la Concorde and how it had 3 names and lots of beheadings in the revolution. We started at the Eiffel tower and went down to the military school that napoleon went to and how it served as a stronghold in the war, then we went to the army museum and where napolean was buried and hitler paid his respect to napoleon.
Our next stop was place da la concorde an the place were the revolution was most of the time and then we had lunch.


on the way we saw house boats and were told the parking was cheap but the waiting list was massive and then we finished.


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Anzac in France

hello again

It's the day before anzac day and the dawn service for me and then euro disney!!!!!
yesterday I went to the catacombs and man was it freaky, it took 15 minutes to get to the actual bones but with every corner you tern you get more and more scared.
We also went to the Eiffel towers top floor and man was there a view, you can even see the la defense and the arc de triomph's top floor is amazing you can even see les invalides, which is Napoleon's resting place.

signing off













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That's great!!

Hi Gaelan,
It's great that you can actually go to Europe now!!!! Wonderful news. How is Paris? Have you had a croissant. Can you save one for Tristan. Aruna says you have to eat some snails, Millie and Tom would like you to try some frogs legs because they taste like chicken. Millie tried to order frog legs at the canteen but Jane didn't have any (only joking, she is a vegetarian).
Melbourne beat Richmond so, I'm sorry to say, you are at the bottom of the ladder. I think it would be safe to assume you will stay at the bottom of the ladder. Although Adelaide haven't won a game either... The big surprise in footy this year is that Fremantle have learnt to play football and have won 3 games and only lost 1. It is quite clear, however, that Collingwood will win the whole thing (as I am writing this people are throwing rotten fruit at me and screaming in disgust).
A few people from our school got into the next zone for cross country: Mia, Declan, Kosi, Edith and Ted.
Have a great time in Paris. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
From Tristan and Karen/Georgia's class
PS- is it nice in Paris?

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airport again


hi guys

as you might have heard I was stuck in kl but now i am in the airport and 6 hours til' i'm in the air.
This morning we all woke up at about 4am and went to the MAS office and got our tickets for tonight. It is 5:30 pm here in Malaysia and I am itching to get to Paris. Recently, I have got lost twice in the airport and on the streets in chinatown.
How are you guys going?
Can you tell me once in a while the football scores and where Richmond is on the ladder.
Has the district cross country started yet? And if so did anyone get in from our class?

And by the way, the food is really good, even from the motorbike stalls.

See ya,

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